Budget 2014 – An End In Sight?

A short video statement on the coming Budget was released yesterday by Finance Minister Micheal Noonan.

It comes just one day before the release of the 2014 Budget, the eighth Austerity Budget since 2008.

Noonan says in the statement, ” Job creation is the number one priority”.

However the positive message of the video is somewhat dulled by the terrible camera angles and dead-pan tone of Noonan’s voice.

The face of the next budget really knows how to embody austerity.

Minister for Public Expenditure, Brendan Howlin has also issued a video of his own in the coordinated preparation for Budget 2014 which will be announced tomorrow.

Howlin’s statement again is positive saying, “I believe that this budget can convince people that there is an end in sight”.

The comments, though positive sound foreboding. It may help people see an end in sight,  but how happy they will be with this end is yet to be seen.

Eoghan Regan


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