FAI look to government support for the underprivileged

simonThe Football Association of Ireland has called on the government to increase funding for Community Development Officers who work in socially deprived areas.

The roles of development officers are to coordinate late night leagues in disadvantaged areas in an effort to “target the needs of young people at risk from drugs and anti-social behaviour.”

A spokesperson for the FAI said the organisation has been “heavily involved in lobbying” in recent weeks along with the other major sports institutions, including the IRFU and the GAA.

The FAI announced that the organisations debt currently stands at circa €63m. In 2012, FAI staff was forced to take a 10% pay cut for a period of 18 months, which also included a pension freeze.

Chief Executive John Delaney’s salary was permanently reduced from €400,000 to €360,000. In contrast, U.S. president Barack Obama earns a basic salary of $400,000

The advertised salary for a Community Development Officer is in the region of €40,000

Simon Maguire


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