Old Age Pensioners Critical of Budget 2014

“They really are penalizing the old folk in this budget. Now, they’re taking a chance, because I’m not going to vote for them again”.

Fine Gael and Labour are facing severe criticism from pensioners in the face of today’s budget.

The elderly have already faced cut pensions as well as increased prescription fees in recent budgets, and many fear facing more hardship.

“I worked for 50 years, never drew anything, and now they’re cutting my pension” said one elderly woman. Pensioners are also set to lose telephone benefits, as well as bereavement allowances.

“Even the dead are not safe from this budget” said Fine Fail minister Michael McGrath in his speech in the Dail today.

The government have been accused of targeting the country’s vulnerable, as well as attempting to optimize political favour. This accusation of cynicism follows last week’s highly criticized Seanad referendum.

“The people I’m most concerned about are the disabled and their carers because they are being hit, hit, hit all the time!” said another elderly woman who cares for her disabled brother.

Paul Doyle


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