Strong Garda presence as Republican group kicked out of Trinity

A strong Garda presence is be felt around the city centre and government buildings in anticipation of reaction to the Budget. It is reported that mounted police and Garda helicopters are just some of the tactics being employed in the city ahead of the announcement of the Budget.

It is feared that violence may erupt from far left republican groups such as ‘Éirigí’, ‘Republican Voice’ and ‘Republican Sinn Féin’ who staged a number of the ‘sit-ins’ on O’Connell Street in September. hanah security

Protestors from the ‘Irish Republican Voice’ were today kicked out of the grounds of Trinity College by security and Garda forces, when their protest took a detour into Front Square.

It is now being reported that there is currently Garda presence within and around the college, including outside Chartered Accountant’s House on Pearse Street.

It is also reported that the protests later will begin at the Central Bank Buildings on Dame Street. Garda forces have announced that they are prepared for ‘up to 20,000 protestors.”

Hannah Popham


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