Hunt for the lone gunman continues following Paris shootings


Photo via French Police

THE search continues for the lone gunman who shot and injured a newspaper
photographer’s assistant in Paris. The deputy editor of the Liberation Newspaper
has confirmed that it was the photographer’s first shift on the day he was shot.
Fabrice Tessel, the deputy editor in chief, has confirmed the victim to be 27 year
old César, through twitter.

The suspect is suspected to also be involved with the shooting which took place
at the headquarters of the Societe Generale Bank and the hijacking of a vehicle
which took him to the Champs- Elysees. No one was injured during the shooting
outside the bank.

Two photographs have been released of the suspect in the hope that members of
the public will contact the police with information. The suspect has been
photographed wearing a baseball cap, green and white runners, a sling bag and
a green shirt.

Police have been placed outside media outlets throughout the city.

 Katelyn Cook


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