Peggy Mangan’s family ‘overwhelmed’ by reaction to fundraising walk

THE Peggy Mangan Foundation has organised a fundraising walk for the 14th December. The walk aims to raise money and awareness for Alzheimers and missing persons in Ireland. The event will follow the journey that Mangan made with her dog, Casper, before she passed away beside Ikea in Ballymun.

Peggy Mangan’s son-in-law, Darragh Lynch said: ‘nearly 300 people signed up. It is quite a distance for people to cover, but the intention is that we raise awareness for Alzheimers and missing persons in Ireland. Nearly everyone that has contacted us has had a story to share about a loved one that has been affected, especially with Alzheimers.’

Lynch continued by stating that Peggy’s family ‘remain overwhelmed. It is incredible how many people heard about the tragic event, and how the dog stayed with Peggy till the very end was a true reflection of the old saying about a dog being a man’s best friend.’

The walk will being at 12.00pm and all participants are encouraged to bring their pets. There is no minimal fee to join the event – the main focus is to raise awareness to prevent any other tragedy from occurring.

The foundation has stated that participants are welcome to join or finish the walk at any stage. The total distance will be about 12.7km. The foundation will have two Dublin buses that will bring people from Ikea over to the starting line. For those that park near Mount Jerome, there will be buses to take people from Ikea back to the start after the event.

The registration form for the walk is available at

Katelyn Cook


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