Sardinia floods kill 17 people

THE Italian island of Sardinia has been put in a State of Emergency after it was ravaged by storms last night, leading to the death of 17 people.

Hundreds of people were evacuated as rivers burst their banks as their homes and cars were swept away by the floods.

Giorgio Cicalo who is an official from the Civil Protection Authority in Sardinia announced: ‘We are at maximum alert’.

Speaking on Italian television, he said: ‘We haven’t seen a situation like this perhaps for decades, especially because it’s been across the whole island.’

Many areas of the island remain out of reach for emergency services but the Italian Prime minister described it as ‘A National Tragedy’ and announced that more resources would be freed up to aid those affected by the floods.

A police officer was killed and three of his colleagues were injured when a bridge collapsed.

A Brazilian family of four drowned when their basement flat suddenly exploded with water from the flood in Arzachena, with two children among the dead.

Many more people are believed to be missing.

Gavin Lacey


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