UCDSU will continue to support student rights


A campaign has been launched by UCD students to highlight student rights which are currently being violated on the Belfield campus. Students oppose the presence of cameras throughout the residential areas. Officials also hold keys to each apartment and can enter the apartments at any time.

Students believe this is an infringement on basic rights, as these conditions would not be tolerated in other living arrangements, such as private residences.

UCD Residences house over 3,000 students in the separate accommodation locations. The academic year runs from September 2nd until May 19th 2014. Prices range from €4,391 – €8,347 for a fully catered room. The students are required to sign a license to reside; it is this legislation which the students are seeking to renegotiate.

Michael Gallagher, UCDSU President, said: ‘UCDSU is committed to protecting its students’ rights. If this campaign is successful it will ensure that living on campus is affordable, enjoyable and sustainable’.

Katelyn Cook

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