White supremacist with black heritage arrested in US

Video Credit Politics Now

CRAIG Cobb, the white Supremacist who was featured in the press last week when he was told he was of African heritage, has been arrested in North Dakota. Cobb (62) was arrested on three counts of terrorising, after patrolling his neighbourhood in North Dakota armed with a rifle and a shotgun with another man, Kynan Dutton.

According to Independent.ie, the men were accompanied by Dutton’s wife who recorded the incident on a mobile phone. Reportedly the three came onto local councilman Lee Cook’s property. Cook claims that the men had their fingers on the triggers; however they were not aiming their guns at him before he called 911.

The two men are now said to be being held in at the Mercer County Jail in Stanton, according to local paper The Bismark Tribune. The paper allegedly received text messages from Cobb claiming that he wished to rename his property ‘Adolph (sic) Hitler Pvt. Park of Leith’.

Follower of the ‘Creator’ religion, Cobb has allegedly been trying to create a ‘white enclave’ by buying up property in the small North Dakotan town of Leith.

The Neo-Nazi came to press attention when he submitted his DNA as part of Trisha Goddard’s Race in America series, who before announcing his results told Cobb: ‘You have a little Black in you’. However, Cobb can be heard dismissing the results as ‘statistical noise’.

Hannah Popham


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