Increasingly popular right wing conspiracy theorist clashes with police at JFK anniversary

Credit WikiCommons

Credit WikiCommons

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, accompanied by a group of supporters, has clashed with police in Texas during a protest at a public commemoration of President Kennedy.

November 22nd marked the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy.

Jones and co were demanding that the US government ‘STOP THE COVER UP’ of the facts surrounding the President’s murder.

Jones – who also maintains that the terrorist attacks on September 11th 2001, as well as the Boston bombing were ‘false flag’ operations – has clashed with police on numerous occasions.

When asked by News Anois about the increase in support for conspiracy theorists such as Jones, as well as many American’s insistence on heavily arming themselves, Prof. Noam Chomsky said

“….he’s symptomatic of much deeper currents in the country.  It’s always been a very frightened country, back to colonial days, but these fears have been escalating very sharply in recent years, and the gun culture is one aspect of it. “They” are coming after us, and “we” have to defend ourselves – where “they” can be non-whites, Muslims, the Feds, the UN, aliens,…. ”

Jones has gradually grown in support over the past 12 months – particularly in the wake of the NSA scandal – as Americans become increasingly disillusioned with their government. Increasingly, American’s believe that US authorities are not only spying on them, but are also responsible for attacks on their own citizens.

“…It’s a kind of social pathology…And like other such pathologies, it has a kind of basis.  One element is that whites are becoming a minority, so “they” are taking our country away from us.  Another is the very real fact that the re-design of the economy and political system in the past 30+ years has hit the majority while vastly enriching and empowering a tiny fraction of the population, which leads to bitterness and fear, fanned by propaganda, leading to things like the Jones phenomenon.”

Paul Doyle


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