Irish actor Chris O’Dowd to make Broadway debut

Credit Chris O'Dowd official twitter page

Credit Chris O’Dowd’s official twitter page

The play, which will be an adaptation of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, will star O’Dowd as the dim-witted Lennie in the tragic tale of two labourers in 1930s California.

The play will run April through June at the Longacre Theatre in New York, with the opening night on April 16th.

Franco, star of 127 Hours, will play his wiser sidekick George.

It has been almost forty years since the tale appeared on Broadway in 1974.

O’Dowd, who won last night the Comedy Award at the International Emmy Awards, happily tweeted: “We may have won”, accompanied by the above image.

He picked up the award with his fellow Moone Boy writer Nick Vincent Murphy, who O’Dowd said “was the best writer working in the UK.” Reacting to the win, Murphy said: “It’s insane we won this thing.”

In a recent interview with the Irish Independent, O’Dowd admitted that before he got cast in Bridesmaids, he was struggling financially.

“I was just really broke so we got our cable turned off and all that kind of stuff. It was weird. I was more broke than I have ever been in a way, because I was in so much debt. It was really scary.”

Hannah Popham



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