Attempted carjacking foiled by car owners

Credit WikiCommons

Credit WikiCommons

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) have arrested a 23 year old man in Belfast today following an attempted carjacking.

The incident occurred in the College Square North area of Belfast at about 8am this morning, according to the PSNI press office.

The accused attempted to steal a parked car belonging to two women who were paying their parking nearby, but the victims were unwilling to let their car get stolen.

The two women attempted to stop the man, and when a passing police patrol witnessed the struggle they intervened to detain the suspect.

The two officers were assaulted during the course of the arrest, but managed to apprehend the suspect and only obtained minor injuries. The two women were shocked, but unharmed.

The man remains in custody.

Conor Campbell


Elderly man shaken after further robbery in Lisburn

THE PSNI are investigating an incident where an elderly man was robbed in Lisburn, Co. Down, last night. Four masked men broke into the pensioner’s house in the village of Moira at around 9.30pm.

The man was held captive as his house was raided by the intruders. The group of men left the house with a sum of cash. The victim was not physically harmed but was treated for shock by paramedics.

This is not the first time this kind of event has taken place in Lisburn. Last Friday night (15th) saw a man and woman robbed in the Saintfield Road area.  In this instance four masked men were also involved in the burglary.

The man was assaulted whilst the woman was held at knife point. The robbers left the house at approximately 8.20pm with a sum of money.

Furthermore on the 11th five men forced their way into another elderly man’s house in Bangor, Co. Down. The robbery took place at Ballyhalbert Gardens at around 8.00pm. The victim in this case was not injured but was shocked by the robbery. Once more a sum of cash was taken from the victim.

The investigation is ongoing.

John Lillis