Is attending a private school a genuine advantage getting into third level?



As a response to the annual publication of the Irish Times’ league tables, which found an advantage to attending a fee-paying school, we asked several DIT students their thought on the matter:

Georgia Dunne (Business and French):

“It depends on the individual, whether the school suits them or not. I don’t believe it does make a difference. You get what you give whether you’re in a private school or not.”

Colin O’Donovan (Masters in Marketing):

“I do feel students from private schools have a definite advantage. There’s a private school in my area. People go up an extra one hundred points going there-it’s almost just a series of intense daily grinds. There is nothing wrong with public schools but private schools definitely give an advantage. Public school students can be distracting to each other, private school students tend to be more focused.”

Dónal Murray (Architecture):

“I think in private schools there is less trouble, less anti-social behaviour than what my friends in public schools experienced so that is advantageous. There’s an advantage not in terms of their education but in terms of facilities. You hear horror stories about public schools; there was a stabbing in my friend’s year in a local public school.”

Sean Hannon (Hospitality Management):

“Absolutely-private schools are massive networking opportunities. People who go into certain sectors will keep in touch with, and help each other out. The rugby club in my old school hold an event every year, for instance. Being part of an alumni is seen a business opportunity.”

Michael McManus (Business and Management):

“Yeah I definitely got a good education by going to a private school; I think it really benefited me over all. If push comes to shove I wouldn’t hesitate to go back and use the connections I made there.”

Katie Byrne (Law):

“No I don’t think it made a difference paying for education. If you’re willing to put in the work you will succeed either way.”

Hannah Popham