Man’s eye sliced in Love/Hate style burglary

Love/hate's Facebook page

Love/Hate’s Facebook page

A man was awoken in his Tallaght home by burglars who proceeded to viciously attack him, stabbing him eight times and ultimately leaving him blinded in one eye, a court heard today.

According to the Irish Independent, the burglars kicked in the victim’s bedroom door, demanding to be told where his money was, before stabbing the man in his side and stealing his car keys. Before leaving the room one of the intruders warned him: ‘If you’re thinking of calling the gardai I’ll f**kng kill you.’

When the men returned unable to open the car, they became angry to find the victim Paul Leavy on the phone, who said he was ringing for medical assistance because he had been stabbed. In retaliation, one of the men used a hunting knife to slice the man’s eye, ultimately blinding him. He also suffered from a punctured lung, according to

Judge Gerard Griffin imposed a ten-year sentence on the two men, one of whom was Mark Farrelly (19) of Newbridge, who pleaded guilty. Judge Griffin referred to the ‘gratuitous degradation’ of the victim in the case.

One of the Gardaí involved in the case, Sinead McCormack, detailed how the victim had not been able to return to work since the incident, and needed a series of facial surgeries.

Colm Fitzgerald, SC, who defended Farrelly in the trial, said that his client had an “extraordinarily difficult start to life”.

Hannah Popham