Great demand for Xbox One and PS4



With Christmas around the corner there are two gaming consoles which have taken over the technological universe. There has been a great demand for Microsoft’s Xbox One since its release last Friday.

“The demand has been pretty high, it’s up until after Christmas the demand is” said one Gamestop employee, who was somewhat taken aback by the desire for the product. The employee stated “it was falling behind at first but now it’s after creeping back up. I think it’s because people can’t get the PS4 (Play Station 4), they decided to go to Xbox.”

In addition to this more than one million Xbox One games consoles were purchased in the first 24 hours of being on sale in the UK and 13 other countries.

While there has been a great deal of requests for the Xbox One it would appear that Sony’s Play Station 4, which will be released this Friday, will be even more popular again. “A higher demand, a way higher demand. We have a lot more pre orders on PS4’s” admitted Gamestop’s worker.

The popularity of the PS4 will also cause the business some issues. The Gamestop employee advised “Yeah it’s backlogged until after Christmas, I think you’re looking at the end of January at the earliest to get one now.”

The Xbox One is priced at €499.99 whilst the PS4 can be bought for €399.99.

John Lillis